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Who I am

Senior Graphic Designer in Oakville, ON

Creative and hands-on Senior Graphic Designer for over 15 years. A great customer-oriented experience, working with local and global clients.

I am Hylder Barbosa and I have a career with a wide and diverse experience in managing multiple design projects, including production processes (printing, audio-visual or digital materials), team, budget and time management.

Passionate about Graphic Design, creating, planning and developing online and offline projects. As a result, I make ideas come to life, aiming to exceed expectations. But the most important thing about me is that I am always open to challenges and want to learn new things. It gives me the confidence to share my views more effectively, to persuade an idea or to better understand when I am persuaded.

Graphic Design involves subjective perceptions, artistic eyes and technical skills. Therefore I keep improving my skills and sharpening my perceptions and critical thinking.
If you want to check my full profile, go to my LinkedIn page. Or send me a message using the contact form, here.

What I do

Creative and printing production. It includes, for instance, brochures, magazines, packaging, manuals, advertisements, guides, handouts, visual identity projects and many other pieces.


Creative and project management of projects as websites, apps, publications, digital marketing and presentations. There is an increasingly connected audience out there.


Design, development and solutions for e-learning and corporate university projects, for instance certifications, educational games and online courses.

Working remotely. For you!

During the pandemic, with my expertise in Graphic Design and Digital Marketing I have been helping small and local companies to recover and grow their business. Let’s talk about your needs and how I can help you achieving your goals.

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